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Antarctica on converted salvage tug M/Y Lone Ranger

Land of Snow and Ice. ‘Dedicated to the talented crew of M/Y Lone Ranger’ This is a collection of Antartica landscape photography I recently edited. In 2005 the 255ft converted salvage tug Lone Ranger visited Antarctica […]

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Downtown Hollywood Mural Project – Be Inspired

REINVENTION THROUGH ART. One thing I have to say is that the artists of the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project are no shrinking wallflowers and that the good people of Florida do seem to enjoy their public art. […]

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Mona Island – Take5 on a Nordhavn expedition

 The Galapagos of the Caribbean. Mysterious and ruggedly beautiful Isla de la Mona lies close to the middle of the Mona Passage just 41 miles off the west coast of  Puerto Rico and 38 miles off […]

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Marine murals of the Florida Keys

MAGNIFICENT MARINE MURALS for a Florida Keys road trip. Sometimes what you discover on land takes you by surprise. In the Keys we did not expect to be blown away by the aquatic life we discovered on the […]

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Amsterdam Canals at Night

My grandfather lived in Amsterdam. He had a day job, but at night he taught ballroom dancing. And since we never met, this is a place where I sometimes imagine myself reaching across time. To a seafarer there are […]

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