Tres Palmas beach, Rincón, Puerto Rico

Rincón, Surfing Jewel of the Caribbean.

On a recent trip to the northwest of Puerto Rico we had the opportunity to anchor off the surf town of Rincón – the corner. Given its reputation for being one of the best surf spots along the Puerto Rico coast, some say northern hemisphere,  it was no surprise that the anchorage was restless on a calm day. There was hardly any swell running at all while we were there, which was a blessing since its waves break anywhere from 2ft to 25ft, are renowned as liquid perfection with names such as Domes, Indicators, Spanish Wall and Dogman’s. Due to the restlessness of the anchorage we did not spend much time ashore, but the clarity and hollowness of the small waves breaking on the beach did hint provocatively at the latent power and beauty of this iconic surf spot.

Read more: Despite our less than hospitable stay in the anchorage, we found the locals to be warm, the food outstanding and the beaches stunning.

According to the Rincón Surfrider Foundation “in an effort to protect Puerto Rico’s rich marine biodiversity, some of the healthiest elkhorn corals and the surf that breaks over them, the Reserva Marina Tres Palmas (RMTP) was established in January 2004. This marine reserve, the first on the mainland of Puerto Rico, was established through a community-driven effort.”

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