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Vertical traction pads for Strapless Kitesurfing 

Leashes can be dodgy. Straps can be restrictive. Losing a board in waves of consequence with rocks on the inside suck
Leashes can be dangerous.
Straps can be restrictive.
Losing a board in waves of consequence suck.

Having had experience with all the above, I am always looking for ways to design and to improve my strapless riding experience. I design hook pads to help beginners ease into wave riding and assist accomplished riders achieve progression.  My aim is to create traction that is helpful in choppy conditions, get me over some unexpected dumpers, jump higher and land technical tricks. Overall I am looking for the freedom to progress faster when learning strapless freestyle tricks.

We are currently travelling around the Caribbean working and testing on our different traction pad ideas. In response to your requests I have arranged with well known South African surf company Island Style to supply kite hooks directly to wholesalers and individuals. Contact Warren on Whatsapp on +27 837764633 or 

Wishing you all wind and waves!

PS. Posted a movie about our experiences in the BVIs at Virgin Gorda! Check it out on Youtube or check in on our travels from time to time by following us on 


© 2016 “Kitesurf Hooks Strapless Traction”  registered design pending. Tested in the South African waves.
Disclaimer: Kitesurfing is an extreme and dangerous sport with the possibility of injury or death to yourself or others. Always follow manufacturer instructions and the directions of a certified kitesurfing instructor or dealer. The information on this site is provided as a guideline for application only if approved by a certified kitesurfing instructor or dealer for your specific equipment and ability level. We assume no liability for use of our Kitesurf Hooks or application of the information on this site, and any use of Kitesurf Hooks and/or associated information is at your own risk.  Kitesurf Hooks are adhesive-based traction pads and since application and use of this product is outside our control, we cannot guarantee this product, any product use or assume any liability whatsoever for this product.My experience is that is imperative that the board first be cleaned extremely well with an acetone-based cleaner to ensure proper adhesion of traction pads. Please use all proper precautions when working with acetone. Please contact me should you have any queries with regard to adhering the pads properly to your board. There’s probably more but that’s it for now!  Please ride responsibly and within your limits! Keep kitesurfing safe!


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